Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Combination Sex Toys

So far we have covered vibrating, moving and thrusting sex toys. As you may have guessed these are all offered in a bewildering array of combinations.

A common combination in many 'Rabbit Style' vibrators is clitoral stimulation using vibrations and vaginal stimulation using movement and sometimes a thrusting motion as well.

Many sex toys add varying textures to their surfaces; a dildo or vibrator may have ridges or soft spikes or a rippled shape.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

There are some sex toys that use other ways to provide mechanical stimulation. These usually depend on a motor that makes the sex toy continually change its shape which provides a sort of rotational movement or makes it move back and forth.

The back and forth movements are sometimes powered by an air pump rather than a motor. The movements have been used to create, for example, mechanical licking tongues, vibrators that 'penetrate' the vagina and mouth simulators to give a man a 'blow job'.

On a bigger scale and much more expensive, there are 'sex machines' that incorporate thrusting and vibrating dildos.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Probably the most well known sex toys are 'vibrators' which, as the name suggests, provide stimulation of the genitals using vibration. They are mainly used to stimulate the clitoris, but may also be used to stimulate any other part of the female body or that of a man's.

The simplest of these are pencil or wand shaped (though normally thicker than a pencil). They often have an internal battery (or two) which powers a small electric motor. Sometimes the battery pack and controller are external and connected to the vibrator by a wire. This motor is fitted with a small, out of balance, weight attached to the shaft. As this weight rotates it throws the motor and vibrator into a small circular movement which causes the vibration you feel.

With a vibrator that has a controller, as the power is increased the speed of the motor increases and with it both the rate and strength of vibration. Both the strength and rate of vibration effects how stimulating you find the sex toy. The best effect may not be as strong and as fast as possible. The optimum settings may well change as your degree of excitement builds. To get the best results it is worth buying a vibrator which is controllable.
Different vibrators will have different characteristics and you may well find you prefer one combination much more than another and your preference may even vary depending on which part of your body you are stimulating.

More recently electronic vibrator controllers have appeared which provide not only the static control of power/speed but also allow you to select patterns of power pulses and surges. These can be very effective.
There are also other vibrating sex toys such as butterfly stimulators and vibrating penis rings.

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Purpose Of Sex Toys

Some sex toys aid the man's erection, stimulate the female genitals to become more sensitive or provide a different feel to 'normal' sex. Other sex toys provide an 'environment' for variations in sex, for example so called orgy bed sheets. Sometimes they are used to help a person who has difficulty with unaided sex to achieve sexual satisfaction. However most sex toys provide a new way to directly stimulate the male or female genitals to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Using sex toys can provide new experiences and variation in the sexual experience. It can also provide a fantasy element for enhancing or revitalising a relationship.
The usual expectation is that a sex toy provides direct stimulation of the genitals in foreplay and/or during sexual intercourse or as a means to obtain orgasm through only the stimulation provided by the sex toy.

The Amazing Range Of New Sex Toys

The variety of sex toys is surprising. Sex toys vary from purely male or purely female sex toys to toys that can be used by both sexes. There are also some sex toys that can also be classified as sex aids or marital aids.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey the erotic romance everyone's talking about!

Say Yes To Better Sex

Everyone’s sex life has its ups and downs. Even when things are good most of the time, every couple can use a boost in the bedroom now and again. With that in mind, we put together three simple but sexy ways to keep things interesting between the sheets. Read on for three frisky tips for enhancing your sex life tonight.
Woman surprising man with sex at home

Surprise him with sex

This tried and true method will not only get him revved up in no time (likely instantaneously), but it's also an opportunity for you to take on a more dominant role if your guy is usually the one who initiates sex. Often when life gets busy or stressful, any time spent in the bedroom is reserved for sleeping, so if that sounds like you, surprising your man with sex will go a long way in kicking your love life back into high gear. Pick a time when you know he's not in the middle of something work-related (not that he would mind the distraction), because surprises work best when the person you're surprising will truly appreciate what you're doing – and have time for a revved-up romp!

Take turns being in charge

Sex with someone you've been with for a few years usually means you both have your roles – one person is usually more in charge than the other. While this is totally natural, it can eventually lead to a rut. To spice things up between the sheets, we suggest taking turns being the boss in bed. Toss a coin or decide in advance who gets what role and then have fun with it. The person in charge gets to do (or ask for) whatever they want, making for a pretty steamy sex session. Continue taking turns in the more dominant role every time you have sex.

Incorporate adventure

While you may not feel comfortable joining the mile-high club or getting frisky in the great outdoors, doing something you normally don't do can be beneficial to your love life. According to the recent Good in Bed survey on sexual adventurousness, couples who are more sexually adventurous are more likely to be sexually satisfied. Not only that, the more sexually adventurous activities an individual engages in with their current partner, the greater their level of relationship satisfaction. This could be something as simple as having sex with the lights on if you normally don't, wearing sexy lingerie, sharing fantasies or having sex somewhere other than the bedroom (something 85 percent of those surveyed said they have tried).

 This article was written by Jessica Padykula al  credit to her.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sex toys are designed to offer both men and women sexual pleasure. Sex toys can be used alone or with a partner. However, there are many myths in the minds of people relating to sex toys. We try to relate some of the myths and facts about sex toys below.

Sex toys are only for people who have a bad sex life, or no sex life.

Fact 1
The use of sex toys has become common for men and women. Many couples use sex toys during sexual intercourse. It's not only people who have a bad sex life need to use toys for improving their sexual function. Couples who enjoy successful relationships also need to improve their sexual function with regular use of sex toys that can help explore erogenous zones.

Myth 2
Sex toys are addictive.

Fact 2
Sex toys aren't harmful. It may happen that women who use sex toys regularly may get used to them and won't feel adequate arousal with a real penis. It may cause embarrassment to the partner. However, with optimum use of sex toys, you may not only improve your sexual function but quality of sex life as well.

Myth 3
If a woman has a sex toy, she won't need a man.

Fact 3
Although many sex toys like vibrators may resemble a real penis in shape, these can't replace a real penis. With a real penis, you can feel greater joy and pleasure. However, there's no harm in masturbation, as it can improve how you function sexually. Sex toys are also used by many couples during sex to enhance sexual pleasure.

Myth 4Guys only use sex toys because they can't get any sex.

Fact 4
Sex toys can help you discover your potential for sexual pleasure. Most couples use sex toys during sexual intercourse as it helps to stimulate various erogenous parts. Therefore, sex toys should not be an excuse because you don't have real sex. Masturbation with sex toys can improve your sexual efficiency and sexual stamina.

Myth 5
Sex toys make sex less natural.

Fact 5
Natural sex desired by everyone. It gives both men and women immense sexual pleasure. However, most women are unable to have an orgasm during sex. Some women may fake an orgasm instead. However, sex toys prove extremely handy for occasions when this might happen. With the help of a sex toy, a woman can help stimulate her deepest erogenous zone known as the G-spot. Therefore, it's a complete myth that sex toys make sex less natural.

Myth 6
There are bad sex toys and good sex toys.

Fact 6
Sex toys can improve your sexual function and provide immense sexual pleasure. Sex toys can become bad when you don't operate them properly. Before using any sex toy for sexual pleasure, you should learn to operate it properly. Nowadays, many sophisticated and advanced sex toys are available on the market. These sex toys take extra care of your sensitive sexual parts such as vagina and clitoris.

Myth 7
The more you pay for a sex toy, the better it is.

Fact 7
It's not always necessary that only expensive sex toys give you immense sexual pleasure. Some cheap sex toys can also give you an equal pleasure. However, the one thing you need to ensure before buying any sex toy is its design and what material it is made from. Sex toys are inserted deep into erogenous zones like clitoris and vagina of women and anus of men. Therefore, these sex toys should be extra fine and soft. You can also get a good quality sex toy at cheap rates online.

Myth 8
Sex toys are kinky.

Fact 8
Being kinky behind closed doors is not wrong, in fact, is quite normal for couples. Everyone is entitled to enjoy kinky sex and use sex toys when alone. Many couples use sex toys during sexual intercourse for an enhanced sexual pleasure.

Myth 9
Sex toys can cause damage to your body.

Fact 9
It's a complete myth that sex toys can damage your body. It may happen that you may overuse a sex toy due to sexual excitement. Therefore, we advise you to have sex in between using your sex toy.